Shape N Slim leggings plum

Slimming leggings.

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Product code: ΣΣΛΙΜ-ΛΧΛΩProduct code: ΣΣΛΙΜ-ΧΧΛΩ
Weight: 170 gr
Weight: 180 gr

The unique technology contained within the EMANA yarn, allows upon contact of the skin, to absorb body heat which is turned into far infrared rays.

These rays completely harmless and unnoticeable, reemitted by EMANA, interact with the body enhancing blood microcirculation and cell metabolism, promoting a drainage action and facilitating the flow of liquids retention naturally without any collateral damage or alteration of biological tissues.

It is recommended to wear Shape n Slim for at least 6 hours a day for 30 days. For optimal performance you should wear it for 60 days.

Shape n Slim can be worn down for the gym, worn for fancy night appearances or as daily underwear.

Reshape your body, enhance your buttocks, reduce your thighs, enhance your generally, slim down.

Polyamide Emana: 90%
Elastane : 10%



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