Sweat Shapers slimming shorts

Sweat pants.

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Product code: ΣΟΥΣΕΙΠ-ΣProduct code: ΣΟΥΣΕΙΠ-ΜProduct code: ΣΟΥΣΕΙΠ-ΛProduct code: ΣΟΥΣΕΙΠ-ΧΛ
Weight: 340 gr
Weight: 350 gr
Weight: 370 gr
Weight: 380 gr

Help reduce the entire abdomen, legs and glutes with Sweat Shapers pants.

It has been designed to reduce the entire abdomen thanks to its neotex technology that makes you sweat 4 times more than any other garment.

Neotex smart fabric technology increases your body temperature to help you sweat while you do your everyday activities.

Its material is breathable so as to offer you comfort.

The set includes:
- 1 Velform Sweat Shapers
- Diet plan



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