"Oh, yes you can" handicraft kit

Crafting set with ribbons. For dazzling bows, flowers, Halloween beards and wigs and all kinds of festive decoration.

From 56,85-65%

Product code: ΓΕΣ000
Guarantee: 1 month
Weight: 1,42 kg

"Oh Yes You Can" is a complete ribbon handicraft set to help you make impressive bows, flowers, beards and wigs for Halloween costumes and any kind of decoration for festive occasions. You will not believe your eyes with the amazing things you can make with ribbons. Give your children a chance to express their imagination and skill. The set includes:

- A special tool to cut the ribbons lengthwise
- An instruction book and video tape
- 33 meters of satin ribbon in 12 different colors
- 230 meters of white plastic ribbon that can be curled
- 14 meters of ribbon in 5 metallic colors
- A big roll of special cello tape for ribbons
- A set of decorative wooden sticks



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