InnovaGoods quick-cooling towel 66x43 cm

Towel for cooling down during workout, while travelling, or during intense heat.


Product code: V0101139
Weight: 90 gr
Length: 66 cm
Width: 43 cm

An original and innovative towel that is perfect for cooling down after taking part in any sports activities and exercising, although it can also be used when carrying out any physical work, travelling or any time you feel overwhelmed by heat or sweat. Thanks to its special materials, you simply wet it, wring it out and place on the required area (neck, forehead, head, etc.) in order to feel a pleasant and relaxing sensation of coolness.

Made of PVA
Reusable, breathable and anti-odour
Cold effect up to 3 h
Up to 20 oC below the ambient temperature
Sun protecton: UPF 50+
Includes handy carrying case
Approx. dimensions: 66 x 43 cm



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