Hypnotherapy and intuitive hypnosis + CD

Hypnotherapy and intuitive hypnosis.

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Do you want to know how hypnosis helps cure psychosomatic illnesses? Do you want to know about methods of self-hypnosis? Hypnotherapy and Intuitive Hypnosis by Aggil Loupescou. A book which presents the hypnotherapy and research techniques and how to activate the inner self-suggestion powers, which can lead to self-treatment. Hypnosis is a trip though space-time. During hypnosis the subconscious takes an active part. We can run through the past, to experiences we have repelled and fight physical pain and emotional traumas.

Hypnosis sheds light to the causes of our problems, by revealing the subconscious. Hypnosis can even interpret dreams.

Hypnotherapy is an effective way to combat phobias.

Hypnotherapy and intuitive hypnosis by Aggil Loupescou. A book which explores insecurities, personal relationships, anxiety, obsessions, phobias.

Aggil Loupeskou is a metaphysical researcher, psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist.

Together you will get as a GIFT the CD "Anxiety".

The book is in Greek.



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