Nature's great events - Volume 2

A 2-volume irresistible record of the most spectacular of nature's seasonal events on planet earth.


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Weight: 940 gr

The Landmark BBC Television Series

Nature's Great Events is the story of the most spectacular seasonal natural events on the planet. These epic events affect entire landscapes and impact on the lives of thousands of animals, from the largest ocean-dwelling mammals through to the smallest microscopic organisms.

Illustrated throughout with over 400 incredible photographs, many of which have never been seen before.

Volume 2.

The Great Melt

Ten million square kilometers of ice melt every year in the Arctic. For the masters of the ice, the polar bears, this is a moment of jeopardy, but for others this is the richest place on earth.

The Great Salmon Run

The survival of the grizzly bear and forest wolf depends entirely on one great annual event when the rivers teem with spawning salmon, the life blood of the rainforest of British Columbia, Canada.

The Great Tide

The greatest marine spectacle on the planet occurs as millions of sardines move along South Africa's east coast, attracting a host of predators including dolphins, sharks, Bryde's whales, and many more.



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