When Adam met Eve + CD

A book on the relatioship between men and women.

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Product code: ΑΔΑΜ
Weight: 390 gr

Aggil Loupeskou's When Adam met Eve. A book-instrument which analyzes in depth the relationship between partners, husband and wife.

The war of the sexes can be stopped if you let love speak for itself. Man and woman complete one another to conquer happiness. Build a relationship based on love and trust and move on with your partner.

Aggil Loupeskou's When Adam met Eve is a book which analyzes relationships and the causes of arguments, so that you can deal with them before-hand, before they can ruin your life.

Aggil Loupeskou is a metaphysical researcher, psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist.

Together you will get as a GIFT the CD "Weight and metabolism control".



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