Red decorate candle

LED Real Wax Candle.

From 20-51%

Product code: ΚΕΡΙ2773-2
Guarantee: 6 months
Weight: 570 gr

Create an atmosphere in a flash! An ivory LED real wax which looks very realistic thanks to its drip design. The "flame" of the LED real wax candle responds to a slight draught, e.g. when you walk past it, imitating the typical flicker of a normal candle flame in a deceptively realistic way. The LED real wax candle is not only very long-lasting, but also offers lots of other advantages:

-It does not burn out
-It does not produce soot and
-It does not present a fire risk.

It's also ideal for households containing elderly people or small children.
With timer function: Shuts off after 4 hours. You are therefore sure to create a safe atmospheric mood in your home!

Material: Real wax candle made from plastic with real wax shell.

Candle Dimensions: approx. 7.5 cm height approx. 15 cm

Including batteries: 3 x AAA



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