Collection of four copper Authentic Coins of Roman Emperors from 253 A.C. to 405 A.C.


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Authentic Coins of Roman Emperors from 253 A.C. to 405 A.C.

20 rare authentic ancient coins
The fact that makes the collection of Roman Coins unique is that they are authentic.
The real coins that were cut by several Emperors, in order to pay their army, to buy slaves, to pay artists to make statues.

The coins you will touch have been touched by Roman citizens in Gaul, Byzantium, Elyria. Copper with no special value.
It is very important to know that these copper Roman coins went from hand to hand throughout the centuries before they reached yours.

If you use a magnifying glass to observe the coins you will see how old, worn out they are, with chipped edges, until they were found buried in the ground or at the bottom of the sea.
But this is what makes this collection so magnificent. The value lies in the scratches and the wearing out that time has left on them through the centuries.

Humble "Dinar", "Solidos", "Assarium", "Sterticon" coins, valuable collections today, in limited availability for those who know how to appreciate rare authentic coins knowing their scarce circulation.

The coins we managed to reserve for the Greek collectors are authentically certified by the largest European company who has been in the coin market for 34 years, to be found in different countries, besides Greece, where private coin collections are permitted.

The collection is international and we have only 190 sets available for Greece, which will be accompanied by a numbered Certificate for the authenticity of the collection bearing the name of each Emperor that circulated each coin along with the respective year of circulation.
The Certificates are signed by International Unique Collections who have the responsibility of circulating this collection in Greece.

A beautiful wooden case is your gift.

The coins are placed in plastic capsules in order to be protected from the air and humidity. Keep them sealed. Altogether they are placed in a fine wooden case to have on your desk or bookshelf.

The 20 coins are the following:
Gallienus 253 - 268 a.C., Claudius II Gothicus 268 - 270 a.C., Tetricus I 271 - 273 a.C.,
Aurelian 270 - 275 a.C.,, Probus 276 - 282 a.C., Μaximian I 286 - 310 a.C.,
Licinius I 308 - 324 a.C., Licinius II 317 - 324 a.C., Crispus 317 - 326 a.C.,
Constantine I "The Greatest" 306 - 337 a.C., Constantine Β 337 - 340 a.C.,
Constans I 337 - 350 a.C., Constantius II 337 - 361 μ.Χ., Constantius Gallus 351 - 354 a.C., Julian II 360 - 363 a.C., Valens I 364 - 378 μ.Χ., Valentinian I 364 - 375 a.C.,
Gratianus 367 - 383 a.C., Theodosius I "The Great" 378 - 395 a.C., Arcadius 395 - 408 a.C.



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