11 coins from countries which have hosted the Olympic Games since 1952, when the first commemorative coin was cut up to today.


Product code: ΟΛΥ000-ΙΝ
Weight: 2,72 kg

The collection of Commemorative Coins of the Games is a unique piece of work. 11 coins from 11 countries which have hosted Olympic Games since 1952, when the first commemorative coin was cut in Helsinki, up to the Sydney Games in 2000.

The coins are rare moving backwards in time. Imagine that the coins of 1956 and 1960 are very hard to find.

Each coin is placed in a plastic capsule for protection. All of the coins are placed in a wooden case with space for 12 coins the 12th being that of the Greek coin of 2004.

The collection is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity for each coin with information on the coin and a few words for the Olympiad, signed by International Unique Collections.

Securing 990 series for our Greek collectors has being a great success of International Unique Collections.

The coins included in the collection are the following:
Helsinki 1952 - 500 MARKKAA
Tokyo 1964 - 1000 YEN
Mexico 1968 - 25 PESOS
Munich 1972 - 10DM
Montreal 1976 - 10 DOLLARS
Moscow 1980 - 10 ROUBLES
Los Angeles 1984 - 1 DOLLAR
Seoul 1988 - 10000 WON
Barcelona 1992 - 2000 PTAS
Atlanta 1996 - 1 DOLLAR
Sydney 2000 - 5 DOLLARS



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