Mighty Bite

Mighty Bite - the future of fishing!

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Product code: ΜΒΑΙΤ
Weight: 290 gr

Might Bite's patent pending Bite Mark creates a wounded, spastic action that provokes vicious strikes. It casts like a bullet, and "Swims" down to the bottom at an angle, due to its Swimming Fins, like a real baitfish.

Its Scent Stick and Rattle Chambers release scent and sound that attracts and triggers strikes from both hungry and neutral fish.

When a fish hits Mighty Bite, the Wounded Ribs make Mighty Bite bend and feel like a real baitfish. The Scent Stick then gives the fish a shot of flavour that keeps them holding on, for easy hook sets. This aggressive reaction is caused by Mighty Bite's " DNA Trigger Technology" that overloads a fish's 5 Senses causing it to track down, stalk and instinctually strike Mighty Bite hard and hold-on.

Don't let this one get away - make this the best fishing season of your life with Mighty Bite.

The set includes:
- 10 Mighty Bite Lures
- 12 adjustable Mighty Bite fins
- 12 rattles that "sound the dinner bell"
- 12 unique Mighty Bite scent sticks
- PLUS Weed guards, popper and tail weights, no-miss deadly treble hooks



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