Tin toys No.5 Taxi

A collection of amazing tin toys, just like the ones children used to play with at the beginning of the 20th century.

From 9,90-30%

Product code: ΤΣΙΠ005
Weight: 510 gr

The toys at the beginning of the 20th century copied their era, the era of the omnipotence of the wheel and gave the children toys made of tin, but dynamic. Airplanes, trams, taxis, motorcycles, cars…

A representative tin toy collection for those that remember them, for those who don't know them and for everyone to see how children used to play before the war.

Find out with what those who discovered spaceships and submarines, moons and suns, softwares and equations, guns and medicines, televisions and computers used to play.

Made by the company PAYA, which is the greatest tin toy constructor in the world.



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