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Rechargeable Floating Mop 55 Brand new Euro
Rechargeable Floating Mop
Rechargeable Floating Mop
Rechargeable Floating Mop
Rechargeable Floating Mop

Rechargeable Floating Mop

SKU: 14043

Ergonomically designed to simplify and speed up the cleaning of any surface and floor.



Rechargeable mop with 2 fast rotating heads (100 revolutions per minute) in which you can place one of the 3 pairs of pillows depending on the use you want to make:
- microfiber pads (light green color) for simple mopping and disinfection of surfaces. They are super-absorbent, as they have thousands of tiny fibers. They absorb and trap dirt, dust, germs, stains, pet hair and any other dirt with a single pass.
-pads made of harder, rougher sponge material (dark green) for stubborn and hard stains
-pads for polishing (light blue color). After cleaning the floor, give it a dazzling glow by passing it once with the special polishing pads.

Its powerful motor and rechargeable lithium battery offer satisfactory autonomy for up to 90 minutes. So you can clean the whole house at once

Technical characteristics:

  • Rotation speed: 100 revolutions per minute
  • Operating time: 90 minutes
  • Charging time: 90 minutes

The package includes:
  • Mop floating mop
  • 2 microfiber fabric cushions
  • 2 pillows made of rough sponge cloth
  • 2 cushions for polishing surfaces

Guarantee 24 months
Weight 1 kg
Power supply Batteries
Battery type Λιθίου

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