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Cabinet door organizer 37x59x13 cm 19.9 Brand new Euro
Cabinet door organizer 37x59x13 cm
Cabinet door organizer 37x59x13 cm

Cabinet door organizer 37x59x13 cm

SKU: 87180500

Cabinet organizer adjustable to 2 different heights.



A practical cabinet door organizer to make optimum use of the space of the inside door. It can be hanged in two different heights and is suitable to stow even large citting boards, baking trays and cookbooks. The rear-mounted spacer keeps the basket in a horizontal position, so that even longer objects stand upright and secure against tilting. Simply hang it over the cupboard.

Suitable for all standard kitchen cupboards with a door thickness of 2 cm. Scratch protection included.
Basket made of chrome-plated metal, anti-scratch pads of EVA.
If required, it can be dismantled to save space.

Dimensions basket: 37x22,5x10,5 cm
Dimensions assembled (W x H x D): 37x38,5x13 cm (basket on upper bar), 37x59x13 cm (basket on lower bar)

Weight 1.25 kg
Length 37 cm
Width 13 cm
Height 59 cm

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