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Metal longreach arm 81,5 cm 6.72 EUR
Metal longreach arm 81,5 cm
Metal longreach arm 81,5 cm

Metal longreach arm 81,5 cm

SKU: 307532500

Ideal to easily reach the highest points of your home.



With the longreach arm you can effortlessly reach tins, glasses, bottles etc., in spots that seem impossible to reach. No bending, no climbing or stretching any more. Extends your arm of 80 cm. Usefull in the household and in the garden. Picks up both paper from the floor as well as larger items on high shelves etc.The tension device with its stabilizer and sunction cups holds the object safely and firmly.

Bearable load: 1 kg
Folds up to save space after use.
Dimensions: 81,5x13x15 cm

Weight 300 gr
Length 13 cm
Width 15 cm
Height 81.5 cm

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