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Leaves curtain Liana 90x190 cm 29.9 EUR
Leaves curtain Liana 90x190 cm
Leaves curtain Liana 90x190 cm

Leaves curtain Liana 90x190 cm

SKU: 82901500

Keep annoying insects and indiscreet eyes away from your home.



Enjoy the nicest days of the year undisturbed and with mediterranean flair and give to your home a liana look. This beautiful bamboo curtain guarantee you privacy throughout the summer and keeps all the unwanted insects outside your home. The air gets through the curtain and refreshes the atmosphere, without anyone being able to see in.

Simply hang it over the balcony or patio door. It is delivered with self-adhesive hook-and-loop fastener pads for easy mounting. Fixing without drilling! No need for nail and screws.

Ideal to decorate empty walls or grids.
Handmade, made of easy to clean and wipeable polyester.
Dimensions: 90x190 cm

Weight 310 gr
Length 90 cm
Height 190 cm

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