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Back Max 29.9 EUR
Back Max
Back Max
Back Max
Back Max

Back Max


Multi-position wedge system for total body comfort.



Back Max is the most complete full body orthopedic wedge cushion support system available.
It is one-of-a-kind 3-piece design unfolds to support your entire body in over 8 comforting and therapeutic orthopedic positions!

Backmax benefits your health: Elevation for relief of acid reflux, hietal hernias, indigestion, sinus pressure; reduction of swelling & edema and improved circulation.

It strengthens abs without low back pain being perfect for nursing/expecting women.

It provides total body comfort in numerous orthopedic support positions.

The three foam wedges of the Back Max are shaped to fit the natural curves of your body for enhanced comfort and orthopedic support.

High quality, medical grade foam ensures unparalleled support that will last for years.

The Back Max is encased in a stretch cover that fits the wedges perfectly with a soft velour surface that feels velvety smooth against your skin and the stretch nylon sides look and feel terrific.

Best of all, the cover's unique zippered connections allow ideal wedge positioning to maximize the therapeutic uses of the product and provide adjustability to accommodate different sized people.

Weight 4.64 kg
Length 178 cm
Width 50 cm
Height 37 cm