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Dormeo bamboo mattress topper 119.9 Brand new Euro
Dormeo bamboo mattress topper
Dormeo bamboo mattress topper
Dormeo bamboo mattress topper
Dormeo bamboo mattress topper
Dormeo bamboo mattress topper
Dormeo bamboo mattress topper

Dormeo bamboo mattress topper


The best way to make your bed more comfortable.



The top mattress is a fast, effective and economical way to improve your sleep by adding a layer of extra comfort and support to the existing mattress. Improve your sleeping conditions with the Dormeo Bamboo Top Mattress 3 + 1, which combines the best modern technologies, with the natural advantages of bamboo.

Bamboo is durable, completely natural, biodegradable and is now available in the form of soft, highly absorbent, viscose fibers that can naturally regulate temperature and absorb moisture, creating a cooler, drier, healthier and more comfortable sleeping environment, for you and your loved ones.

The top mattress combines six of Dormeo's best technologies and materials to upgrade the level of comfort and support.

1. The core of the top mattress consists of 3 cm Ecocell foam, with a flexible 3D cell structure that adapts to the body and provides stable support and comfort. The unique design allows excellent air circulation which keeps your bed dry and hygienic, providing a healthier sleeping environment.
2. An additional 1 cm layer of memory foam provides even better support and comfort.
3. The top mattress is wrapped in a mesh fabric AirX System to ensure constant air circulation, better breathability and a fresher and drier sleeping environment, all year round.
4. The case of the top mattress is a combination of cotton and bamboo viscose fibers, for cool, fresh comfort and optimal humidity regulation.
5. The top mattress is treated with CleanEffect, which prevents the appearance of irritation and allergies, eliminating bacteria and mites, and neutralizes unpleasant odors. The case is removable and washable.
6. It comes with a non slippery surface for stable fixation.

The top mattress is most suitable for placing on a mattress, but can also be used on the sofa or floor. It's lightweight, easy to carry and store.

Weight 4.5 kg
Length 2 m
Width 160 cm

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