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Dormeo Gel bamboo pillowcase 40x60 2.9 Brand new Euro
Dormeo Gel bamboo pillowcase 40x60

Dormeo Gel bamboo pillowcase 40x60


Dormeo Gel pillow bamboo pillowcase.



This beautiful bamboo pillowcase for Dormeo Gel pillow is equipped with a zipper and can be removed.

The pillowcase is made with bamboo fibers which come into direct contact with your skin.

Bamboo is the right selection for sensitive skin prone to allergies. Bamboo fiber comes from a special kind of bamboo that grows free of pesticides and pollution in pure and uncontaminated mountain regions.

This 100% biodegradable fiber from Asia is smooth as silk and extremely soft to the touch. Bamboo fiber, with its natural anti-bacterial properties, has four times the moisture absorbency of cotton.

Washable at 60 degrees.

Weight 190 gr