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Side-sleeping cushion with cotton cover 39.9 Brand new Euro
Side-sleeping cushion with cotton cover
Side-sleeping cushion with cotton cover

Side-sleeping cushion with cotton cover

SKU: 9934441500

Ergonomically shaped cushion for side sleepers.



A pillow made for a quiet sleep and a fresh start into the new day!

About two thirds of all people sleep on their sides. This causes an imbalance of the vertebral column of the neck, squeezing the ear and strongly burdening the shoulder.

Finding the appropriate cushion may become a real challenge. Conventional square cushions are scrunched up several times a night to find a comfortable sleeping position. On the other hand, many neck support pillows just aren't cuddly.

This side-sleeping cushion is a real innovation:

  • The shoulder notch, prevents the shoulder from bending, always keeping it in a comfortable position and the arm won't go dead so quickly anymore.
  • The ear notch, is for the ear to rest snugly in a small pit and won't bend.
  • The thickness of the cushion is(16.5 cm, which is a lot thicker than a conventional cushion. Despite their softness, the puffy fibres keep their shape very well, which prevents the cushion from being flattened. This provides you with optimum support, bringing the vertebral column of the neck into a straight, relieving lying position.
  • The "cuddly ears" enable you to snuggle up comfortably in a "hugging" position, which isn't possible with most neck support cushions.

This cushion provides side sleepers with an optimum lying position for a quiet, relaxing sleep.

Filling: anti-allergic puffy 3D polyester, with microfibres on the outside. With a cover (100 % cotton, machine-washable at 30°C, suitable for tumble-drying, with a zipper).

Weight 850 gr
Length 52 cm
Width 40 cm
Height 16.5 cm

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