Magic Mirror no fog frame

Free yourself from foggy mirror.

From 19,90-70%

Product code: ΜΑΜΙΡΟΡ
Weight: 220 gr

Magic Mirror is applied to your bathroom mirror so that you always have an area that won't fog up after showers or baths.
It stays crystal clear all of the time so you don't waste time waiting or trying to defog a mirror so you can get yourself ready.

The secret to the Magic Mirror is its patented nanotechnology layer. Fog can't form on it so you have a clear view every time you use it.

Magic Mirror is made out of the same zero-fog material used in Formula 1 race car helmet visors where clarity is critical.

Magic Mirror uses no glues or adhesives so there is no sticky residue left behind when you want to change positioning or move it elsewhere. It is easily reapplied wherever you need it, over and over again.

Just line it up, stick it on, and turn any mirror into a Magic Mirror.

Characteristics :
- stays clear in the steamiest conditions
- works on every mirror
- easy to clean
- easy to apply and remove
- reusable- reapply again and again
- packs easily for traveling



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