Profi FIX towel bar

ProfiFIX towel bar.

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Product code: ΠΡΟΦ606
Weight: 480 gr
Length: 50 cm
Width: 10 cm
Height: 5 cm

The ProfiFIX system is based on high tech research. It is securely fastened - without holes, without screws, without suction! A procedure which has proved its value in industrial and commercial applications, now available for your own home!
The patented ProfiFIX system is based on an adhesive high tech product, combined with a patented mounting plate for extremely strong hold.

Holds up to 200 kilos!

It can be used on tiles, glass, stone, metal, wood etc, where even professional suction systems fail.
It can be removed without leaving any traces and can be re-used immediately.

ProfiFIX towel bar.

Too many towels and nowhere to hang them up? The towel bar offers sufficient space for your hand and bath towels.

Modern design with clear contours and flat decorative panel strips.

Made of chrome-plated, high-gloss steel.



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