Rovus drain blitz

A powerful and effective way to blast away blockage in pipes and drains.

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Product code: ΜΠΛΙΤΖ
Weight: 1,4 kg

Rovus Drain Blitz is an innovative solution that can get rid of even the largest blockage in just a few seconds. Clogging is most often caused by hair, dirt, grease, toilet paper or food scraps. Drain Blitz works with compressed high-pressure air, in this way the clog is dissolved and removed 100% naturally.
Powerful and effective solution to blast away the toughest clogs in your drains in just seconds. Cleaning clogged sinks, showers, bathtubs or underfloor drains.
One of the nozzles is specially designed for cleaning a clogged toilet bowl.

With the Rovus Drain Blitz, it will be possible to remove even the largest blockages from drains, and this is ensured by the compressed high-pressure air power. With its ergonomic design for easy use, you do not need to be strong or a specialist on plumbing to use Drain Blitz. The device has a simple, thumb-operated control.

Get rid of sewer blockages in three easy steps:
1. Choose the right cap.
2. Inject the air to the desired pressure and place the nozzle on the drain.
3. Press the button to create pressure that will clean the drain so that the water can flow freely again.

The set includes 3 interchangeable nozzles that are compatible with almost any type of gutter and can be used to remove all kinds of blockages, such as hair, cloth, toilet paper, food leftovers, soap grease and oil, etc. The Drain Blitz gutter cleaner is portable and easy to use anywhere.

An air pump is also included. It comes in two sizes, so it can also be used to pump different sizes of tires!

When using the Rovus Drain Blitz, the surroundings remain clean there is absolutely no clutter. As the compressed air blows away dirt and blockages through the gutter, you don't get to touch the unpleasant blockages and dirty water.



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