Mesh bags for barbecue InnovaGoods 2 pcs

Mesh Bags for Barbecue Bbqnet InnovaGoods (Pack of 2)


Product code: V0103105
Weight: 300 gr
Length: 28 cm
Width: 24 cm
Power: 1000 watt

A set of 2 barbecue mesh bags, perfect for grilling vegetables and other small food items without them sticking or falling into the flames and burning. They are very practical and easy to use, you simply place the food in the bags and put them on the barbecue grill (never directly onto the flames).

The foods are better cooked and have a better flavor, since the smoke passes through the mesh. Simply turn the bags over to cook the other side. By being inside the bags, the foods don't get dispersed or fall into the fire while they are cooking, and once they are cooked they can be removed easily thanks to the non-stick material the nags are made of. The bags are also easy to clean in the dishwasher.

- Material: PTFE, BPA-free, PFOA-free
- Innovative and functional design
- Closure with 2 press studs
- Heat-resistant: up to 300o C
- Easy to clean: Suitable for dishwashers
- Easy to transport and store
- Includes: 2 units
- Dimensions of bag: 24 x 28 cm



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