30 pipes set of famous people

The collection is composed of 30 pipe designs which where adored by famous smokers.


Product code: ΠΙΠ000-ΙΝ
Weight: 17,1 kg

The International Unique Collections - always choosing among the most original and successful collections worldwide - present "The Thirty Pipes set of Famous people".
30 pipe designs which where adored by famous smokers. They belong to the following well-known personalities:
1. Sigmund Freud
2. Sherlock Holmes
3. Albert Einstein
4. Greta Garbo
5. Jack Lemmon
6. Anthony Hopkins
7. Pablo Picasso
8. Ernest Hemingway
9. Neil Armstrong
10. Clark Gable
11. Joseph Rudyard Kipling
12. Roald Amundsen
13. Vincent Van Gogh
14. Cary Grant
15. James Joyce
16. Gerald Ford
17. Douglas Mac Arthur ουρ
18. Graham Bell
19. Leonardo Da Vinci
20. Bertrand Russell
21. George Simenon
22. Charles Baudelaire
23. Johann Sebastian Bach
24. Bing Crosby
25. Jerry Lee Lewis
26. Jean Paul Sartre
27. Arthur Miller
28. Isaac Newton
29. Marc Twain
30. Pablo Casals

The collection will number only 4490 series for Greece and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the International Unique Collections will accompany each one.
Extra gift: a wooden display-a real ornament for your house - with three shelves especially designed for the collection of pipes.



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