Le Colas lithograph "Le voilier"

The most adorable theme of the artist. The sea, the sailboat and the mermaid.


Product code: ΛΙ0008
Weight: 800 gr

Unique lithographs, numbered and signed by the artist in a limited edition.
Pier le Colas was born in Paris in 1930. Painter, engraver and sculptor, has participated in many exhibitions and has received many honors.

Amongst his creative artworks are: portraits of the Beatles, Marilyn Monroe and other celebrities, lithographs for Air France, designs for Limoges porcelain plates, vitraux for churches, stage designs for the opera.

We find his name next to that of Salvador Dali, Picasso, Chaghal and other great painters of our century. He was a friend and pupil of Salvador Dali and his successor. He is a tender artist that adores and is inspired by nature. Main themes of his creations are: the sea, the beach, the seashells with mystic sounds, young women figures in soft colors and with the feeling of tender loneliness.

Painter and poet of wide horizons, traveler of dreams and imaginations full of childhood memories. Pier le Colas reveals a forgotten adolescence we would all like to return to.

Characteristic of his artworks is that in each painting you can see many different images and figures coexisting together in a unique theme.

"Le Voilier"
The most adorable theme of the artist. The sea, the sailboat and the mermaid.
Sizes : 56 X 75 cm.



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