Beige Space Chair swing

An ergonomic hammock that can be set up in your home, garden or boat! In 3 colours.

From 159-75%

Product code: ΣΠΕΙΣ-ΜΖ
Guarantee: 12 months
Weight: 5,5 kg

Swing and relax in your Space Chair! Suitable for every room of your home, the balcony, garden or boat! Just close your eyes and dream away on your Space Chair.

The Space Chair offers you security, comfort and unlimited freedom! It brings together the best features of the different types of hammock without their disadvantages (instability etc).

Its ergonomic design has comfortable armrests firmly fixed on the chair. It has 8 safety connections, a leg rest, a side case for newspapers, magazines and other small objects, a head rest, a special rope to hang it up to 4 meters high and a cotton bag.

In three colours. Colour Beige



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