Steam broom Aqua Laser red

The Aqua Laser Brilliant 2 in1 Steam Cleaner


Product code: ΣΚΟΥΠΑ-ΑΤΜΚΟ
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 2,86 kg
Length: 30 cm
Width: 22 cm
Height: 122 cm
Power: 1500 watt

The Aqua Laser Brilliant steam cleaner is a multifunctional 2 to 1 steam mop with a detachable hand steam device. It is a handy, simple device and easy to store. Fill the water tank with clean water. Wait a few seconds and the appliance is ready to clean and disinfect your floor and other surfaces, with the power of pure water vapor. Unpleasant odors and bacteria disappear without the use of chemicals.
The device has a practical detachable hand cleaner, with which you can easily handle smaller surfaces, such as kitchen, bathroom, and windows. You can use Aqua Laser for all surfaces such as tiles, parquet, vinyl, ceramics, wood, etc. but also for mattresses, furniture, carpets and more. The provided set of accessories contains different accessories for cleaning different surfaces.

1. Carpet accessory.
2. Glass accessory.
3. Microfiber cleaning cloth.
4. Long brush, for grooves and joints.
5. Spatula accessory.
6. Round brush accessory.
7. Curved accessory, for places difficult to access or grooves.
8. Hardware adapter / spray nozzle.

Technical features:
- Cable length: 5 m
- Water tank: 450 ml
- Steam regulator
- Device dimensions: 22 x 30 x 122 cm.



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