Miracle Door mosquito net with magnets 2.10x0.99 m.

Door and window mosquito net, with magnets.


Product code: ΣΙΤΑ-Μ
Weight: 560 gr
Height: 210 cm

Do you like fresh air in your house, but also like to keep insects and other unwanted guests outside the house? Then the Miracle Door is just the thing you need! This revolutionary magnetic screen door is made of durable nylon mesh and delivered with 18 magnets that keep the door in place.

You, your kids, guests and even your pets can easily go in and out. After you have gone through the screen door, the Miracle Door automatically closes behind you so insects don't have a chance to come in. The Miracle Door is suitable for all types of doors and is easy to assemble without damaging your door frame.

The Miracle Door magnetic screen door is suitable for single doors, French doors, sliding doors and almost every other door, or window. And you can also use this screen door for your caravan or vacation home.



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