Sleeve straightener ironing aid

Clever ironing aid for crease-free sleeves: Stretch the sleeves, iron them, ready!

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Product code: ΣΣΤΡΕΙΤ
Weight: 190 gr
Length: 59 cm
Width: 15 cm
Height: 1 cm

The Sleeve Ironing Guide is the fast way to crease-free sleeves! An uncomplicated ironing aid for shirts and blouse sleeves, made of a flexible spring steel wire, which adapts to any sleeve and is ideal for all sizes of S-XXL.

Thanks to the spreading tension and the different length of each leg, the suspension fork fits optimally in the sleeve and tensions it. This way you can iron sleeves perfectly, without turning them around, thus saving time and energy.
Thanks to its magnetic holder, you can easily attach the sleeve ironing guide to your ironing board for storage.

- Ideal for shirts, blouses, sweaters and shirt sleeves
- Saves time - no turning the sleeves required
- Suitable for sizes from S-XXL
- Robust and durable thanks to high-quality stainless steel
- Prevents wrinkles and creases

Measurements: Long leg approx. 59 cm, short leg approx. 50 cm, mounting part approx. 14 x 2 cm



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