Bamboo folding side table 53,50x34x27 cm

With folding legs, drawer, coasters and device safety stand.


Product code: V0103031
Weight: 2,78 kg
Length: 53 cm
Width: 34 cm
Height: 27 cm

A versatile bamboo side table that is easy to fold and store and is very useful for reading, writing, eating or working on the laptop, on the sofa, bed, carpet, etc.

Innovative and functional design with folding and extending legs. Includes drawer, coasters and safety stand for devices. Easy to transport and store since it takes up a small amount of space.

Material: Bamboo

Table top divided into two parts:
- left part tilts for tablet, laptop, etc.
- right part fixed for mouse, glass, etc.

Inclination: 5 Positions
Adjustable height approx.: 21-27 cm
Approx. dimensions: 53,5 x 21-27 x 34 cm
Approximate dimensions when folded: 53,5 x 4,5 x 34 cm



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