Magic Odor Stop

Biological powder designed to deodorize dustbins with the use of enzymes.

From 6,50-55%

Product code: ΜΟΝΤΟ301
Weight: 300 gr

Magic-Odor Stop is a new biological product especially designed to deodorize the dustbins. Thanks to a mix of high quality ingredients and its unique formula based on enzymes, it does not just mask unpleasant smells, but fights and destroys them effectively. It helps deodorize the dustbins, prevent mold, insect nests and larval.

Magic-Odor-Stop is hygienic, non-toxic, ecologic and safe for use in the home. Ideal for domestic and professional use, it will help you keep you dustbins 'fresh' longer.

Composition: Perfumed powder based on enzymes

- Ecological product (natural action of decomposition of the waste)
- Non-toxic - Biological
- Environmentally friendly -Does not contain disinfectants and insecticides
- Ideal for domestic and professional use
- Manufactured in Belgium. Complies with the Eco-Desirable standards
- Slightly perfumed with floral scent. Box of 250 grams



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