Stair N Go Cart

The innovative all-terrain 6 wheel cart.


Product code: ΣΤΕΑΡΓΚ
Weight: 2,68 kg

The amazing Stair 'n Go Cart, is the revolutionary, lightweight foldable cart you can take up and down stairs and across all kinds of terrain with ease, thanks to its exclusive six-wheeled design.

Thanks to its sturdy wheels and its strong chassis the cart easily carries & climbs for you!

You can move things from one place to another, carry the groceries, effortlessly and over any kind of surface.
The design maintains 4 wheels on the ground for maximum stability, and it uses the other 2 wheels and the rotation to go up and down any step easily.

Can be used either with its resistant tailor-made bag for carrying shopping bags or without it for carrying various objects from one place to another.

The maximum weight limit of Stair 'n Go Cart is 20 kg.



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