WonderDry Umbrella black blue

Wonder Dry Umbrella with reverse opening that doesn't drip.

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Product code: ΟΜΠΡΕΛΑ-ΜΠ
Weight: 620 gr

Introducing the new stay-dry umbrella with reverse opening and folding, thanks to its innovative technology. It is the fastest, easiest and most dry way to get in and out of the rain!

The WonderDry Umbrella has redesigned the traditional umbrella, turned it upside down and inside out, so that it closes in on the wet side.

Unlike standard umbrellas leaving puddles of water on the floor, WonderDry umbrella does not drip when closed. It remains dry externally and retains moisture on the inside. You can pour out the excess amount of water where you want.

It opens and closes easily in seconds.

The WonderDry Umbrella can fit through a 5 cm gap when shut, so you can literally get in your car without getting wet or making a wet mess inside it.

The WonderDry umbrella is the answer to keep you dry and protected in all weather conditions!

- Technology for reverse opening and closing
- Lightweight
- With ergonomic handle
- No dripping
- Wind resistant
- Very durable



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