Hair remover vacuum brush Innovagoods

Attach to vacuum cleaner to remover hair from sofas, upholstery, blankets, cars etc.


Product code: V0100985
Weight: 240 gr
Length: 18 cm
Width: 6 cm
Height: 16 cm

A perfect accessory for vacuum cleaners that gets rid of pet hair quickly and easily from sofas, upholstery, blankets, cars, etc. Its silicone bristles remove hair from different surfaces, making it easier for vacuum cleaners to suck them up more effectively.

- Suitable for tubes with diameters between 3 cm - 4 cm
- Includes 2 universal adaptadors
- Not compatible with Dyson vacuum cleaners
- Approx. size of the brush: 13x16x7 cm
- Made of TPR and ABS



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