Mr.Ti glass cleaning set

Clean your windows with lightning speed!

From 39,95-55%

Product code: ΜΡΤΙ-Σ
Weight: 1,23 kg

Easier than ever before!

Cleans streak-free with lightning speed and with absolutely no dripping due to the patented water guiding ridges on the silicone lip.

The waste water passes into the integrated Mr.Ti water tank - even when cleaning over head, there is no dripping, no mess, no splashing water and even the frame stays dry.

Whether it is for windows, winter garden, tiled walls, mirrors or rounded shower stalls Mr. Ti is very versatile.

This ingenious cleaning system is easy to use and endures all over sparkling shine.

The set includes: - 1 large Mr.Ti - 1 handle for Mr.Ti - 1 pre washer - 1 microfiber cover for pre washer - 1 bucket



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