Automatic Voltage Regulator TELE SVR-500

Automatic Voltage Regulator.

From 59-32%

Product code: ΜΕΤ700
Weight: 2,9 kg

Model : SVR-500VA
Power : 500VA
Technology : CPU based Circuit+C.R.G.O transformer
Input Voltage Range : 140-260Vac/70-140Vac
Input Frequency : 50/60Hz
Output Voltage : 220Vac/120Vac
Output Precision : ±8%/10%
Efficiency :98%
Single Phase

LED Display Status :
Green LED : Device on
Yellow LED : Delay in progress
Red LED : Output suppressed, Input voltage out of range and overheating

High Voltage Protection : Yes
Low Voltage Protection : Yes
Overload Protection : Yes
High Temperature Protection : Yes
Circuit Protection : Circuit Breaker
Smart Cooling System : N/A< BR> Safety Standards : CE,EN 60950,EN55024
Operating Temperature : 0-400C
Storage Temperature : -15-450C
Operating Relative Humidity : 10%RH-102%RH Non-condensing
Dimension : 21x11x14 cm.
Unit Weight(kgs) : 2.9



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