Magnetized alarm for doors and windows

Magnetic alarm for doors and windows.


Product code: D4015151
Weight: 90 gr
Power supply: Batteries
Battery type: 2xCR2032

Magnetic alarm for doors and windows, very simple to use. Just stick the alarm and magnet on a door or window, then set the alarm on when no one is home. If the door or window opens, the alarm and magnet will separate, causing the alarm to activate.

The Vesta alarm has an alarm button with siren, bell and pause functions. In addition, the alarm will sound for about 15 seconds and will restart every 30 seconds if the door or window remains open.

The set includes:
1 double sided tape for mounting the alarm (approx. 5 x 10.5 x 0.5 cm)
1 magnet (approx. 1 x 3 x 0.5 cm) with double sided sticker

Battery operated (2 x CR2032)



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