Box w/Air Zip bag 53x38x30 & 90x100x19cm

Triple your storage space with Air Zip, box and air zip bag together.

From 29,90-40%

Product code: ΑΖ25509
Weight: 1,65 kg

Air Zip bag together with storage box for double protection!

Air Zip instantly frees up three times the space in your closet or wardrobe.

Simply insert clean clothes into an Air Zip bag, remove the air by using a standard vacuum cleaner or the Air Zip double hand pump, close the bag with the zip-seal closure and then close the storage box with its straps.

The products are easy and simple to use and can be used over and over again.

- Reduces the volume by up to 75%
- Works with all standard vacuum cleaners
- Protects from dirt, water and insects

- When not in use the box folds and can be easily stored
The set includes 1 storage box 50 X 38 X 30 cm & one bag 90 X 100 X 19 cm.



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