Jewellery & accessories hanging organizer with rack Bijette InnovaGoods (36 pockets)

Hanging organizer with rack for jewellery and accessories with 36 pockets.


Product code: V0103095
Weight: 270 gr
Length: 81 cm
Width: 43 cm
Power: 1000 watt

A double-sided jewellery and accessory organizer with hanger and 36 different-sized transparent pockets (18 on each side), allowing you to see the contents quickly and easily. It's ideal for storing a large variety of accessories simply and practically, such as jewellery, watches, scarves, belts, makeup, hair ornaments. A simple way to always have everything well organized and to hand. It can be hung inside a wardrobe, or on coat stands, doors, etc. It can also be taken with you when travelling, as it will roll up and fit easily in the suitcase.

Hanging Clothes Organizer: Double-sided
36 Pockets: PVC, Transparent
Easy and quick view of contents
Hanger on top
Can be rolled up and stored in a suitcase
Convenient and easy to use
Light and manageable
Easy to transport and store
Material: Polyester



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