Delimano Stone Legend mould 28 cm

Enjoy cooking and baking.

From 29,90-17%

Product code: ΝΤΕΛΙ-ΤΑΨ
Weight: 1,43 kg

Cook as your grandma did and prepare unforgettable menu
- Diameter 28 cm
- Oven safe - from stove to oven!
- Quantanium - real stone coating
- Extremely durable, very hard and scratch resistant
- Smooth and shiny exterior surface with vitreous structure is not abrasive and therefore perfectly hygienic
- Enamel cookware saves 20% energy, excellent heat conductor
- Made in Spain
- Can be used on all hobs (incl. Induction)
- Environment friendly - 100% recyclable
- Dishwasher safe (also handle), long-lasting exterior colours



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