Pot metal naked silicone fish

Fish pot with a silicone cover.

From 34,50-57%

Product code: ΣΙΛΙΚ-Ψ
Guarantee: 1 month
Weight: 660 gr

Made of excellent silicone, with a special non-stick surface inside.

The cover is fish-shaped and has littles holes for the steam to escape, during baking.

Suitable for serving at the table.

You can use it in the refrigerator, the freezer, in resistance or air ovens, as well as in microwave ovens.

Can be machine washed.

It is suitable for temperatures from -60 to 230 degrees Celsius.

Base Dimensions
Width 12,5 εκ.
Length 32,5 εκ.

Opening Dimensions
Length 34 εκ.
Width 14,5 εκ.



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