Size-adjustable containers (set of 3)

Height adjustable containers.


Product code: V0101173
Weight: 300 kg

Their original and practical design enables their size to be easily reduced and extended, thereby optimising the space available for storing food, as well as optimizing the storing space in cupboards, shelves etc. By minimising the amount of air inside the container, it is ideal for preserving and extending the useful life of foods.

- Made of PP, ABS, AS and silicone (BPA-free)
- Innovative and functional design
- Size adjustable to the amount of food stored
- Optimisation of the interior and exterior space
- Compression and airtight closing system
- Approx capacity of each container: from 500 to 1000 ml
- Includes 3 containers (approx. diameter and height: 11 x 13-21 cm



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