Betty Bossi big croissant maker

Bake delicious croissant simply and quickly!

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Product code: ΚΡΟΥ558
Weight: 440 gr
Length: 40 cm
Width: 37 cm

This French delicacy is a favorite for young and old, either stuffed or plain.

No one dares to make homemade croissants since we all think it is very difficult to make… but none of us has tried the big croissant mould.

All you have to do is prepare the dough and lay it out.
Next, you place the mould on the dough and press it. If you prefer them plain, you simply lift the mould and roll them, if you like them better stuffed, you add the stuffing of your preference on the openings of the mould and then you lift it so you can roll them.

Make and bake sweet or savory, plain or stuffed croissants and enjoy the beautiful odor fill your house!

- a plastic mould for 8 croissants
- a spatula
- a cover

Dishwasher safe.



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