Silicone bakeware

Bakeware set.

From 23-48%

Product code: ΕΡΓΑΛ3017
Guarantee: 36 months
Weight: 410 gr

Dimensions brush: 28x4cm; spatula 28x5,8cm; finger guard 8,3x10cm; glove 27,3x16cm
Material SS / silicone
Colour grey / white

4-piece set of kitchen accessories for baking Silik
Accessories are made from 100% quality silicone, suitable for contact with food
Can be used for large temperature differences from the freezer to the oven - carrying a container
Properties of silicone - non-stick, flexible, indestructible, colours do not fade and the products do not absorb odours
The accessories can easily be cleaned under running water using a sponge or in a dishwasher
They can be folded, rolled up or compressed and will always return to their original shape
They take up a minimum amount of storage space
The set includes: kitchen glove, silicone finger guard, pastry brush and scraper
3-year warranty



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