Winecooler Egg-O

Enjoy your cool wine wherever you may be.

From 29,95-34%

Product code: ΚΟΥ200
Weight: 1,06 kg

A unique idea which will thrill all wine lovers. Egg-O is an egg-shaped thermos which keeps your wine cool, even in 35oC.

Just take out your wine from the fridge, place it in the Egg-O and take it with you in family picnics or barbecues with friends, at the beach or on the boat.

Its rubber base and lid are what make a difference.
The base can be adjusted according to the shape of the bottle, while keeping it upright.

The lid clicks air tightly, preserving the wine's correct temperature.

Egg-O sports a unique handle and thus lets you serve wine inside the cooler. Egg-O's shape allows for convenient transport of chilled wine bottles, for instance on your way to a picnic, barbecue or beach party.

Available in cr?me - it is a very smart gift for you and your loved ones.



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