Easy Five set of 5 kitchen scissors

Easy five knife-edged kitchen scissors.

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Product code: ΙΖΙΦΑΙΒ
Weight: 970 gr

Presenting the world’s most powerful knife-edged scissors! Easy Five is a set of five (5) multi-functional knife-edged kitchen scissors - made up of a pair of salad scissors, herbs scissors, meat scissors, knife scissors and kitchen scissors - all manufactured with high-density stainless steel and polypropylene of the best quality. Be a master in the kitchen with these scissors/knives, which allow you to cut basically anything with precision and ease, as well as in no time. If you’re not too keen with knives, there would no longer be any need for you to risk cutting yourself in the process of preparing food, as Easy Five lets you join the ranks of the professionals when it comes to cutting, slicing, chopping, dicing, and more!

Way more than being merely kitchen scissors, Easy Five lets you cut not just food or packaging but even metal, wood, aluminum, plastic, wires, etc. The sky’s the limit! With Easy Five, cutting them would even seem as easy as cutting butter. Their innovative and ergonomic design and features make them easy to handle for anyone and to use for a variety of purposes. Cut fillets, ribs, whole chicken, salamis, salads (even straight into the bowl), basil, parsley, or any other type of food or ingredient. Indeed, be able to cut anything quick and easy, without any risks, and just like a pro with Easy Five!

- Decide what you want to cook today.
- Choose the scissors that will achieve this delicious dish.
- Make it very easy.

- Easy to use
- Easy to clean
- Easy to storage

- Unique design
- Highest quality materials.
- The latest on cookware.
- The novelty in all Mexican kitchens.

Set includes
- Salad scissors
- Meat scissors
- Herb scissors
- Knife scissors
- Kitchen scissors



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