Magic Knife

Slicing, dicing, peeling is now easy, fast and secure!

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Product code: ΜΝΑΙΦ-1

The blade is stainless steel and designed in Solingen Germany. It is extra strong and because of this is especially sturdy and maintains its sharpness much longer than regular knives. The handle is impact resistant and unbreakable. The cutting guide can be accurately adjusted to a position exactly parallel to the blade up to 1".

With the cutting guide, you have a knife that is a real kitchen wizard for daily use with 3 functions :

Slicing, dicing and peeling in the easiest, fastest and most secure way!
You can even portion raw, roasted and cooked meats.
The cutting guide can be easily adjusted to any thickness by loosening the screw on the top of the knife. Once the desired thickness is reached, simply tighten the screw again.
A big fork is included.



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