TV Air Wave knife set

The 13-pieces TV Air Wave Knife Set is a revolution in cutting.

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Product code: ΤΒΕΑΡ-Ν
Weight: 1,16 kg

The 13- pieces TV Air Wave Knife Set is a revolution in cutting. It includes the right knife for every purpose. Due to the sensational Airwave Technology, the blade simply glides through the food, do you can manage every cut perfectly without squeezing or crumble.

It contains the right knife for every purpose and is great in any modern Kitchen!

1) All Purpose Knife with Spacer: in no time you will cut perfect and even slices! No matter if you cut bread, sausage or your Sunday roast-just choose the desired thickness and cut!

2) Fillet Knife: with flexible blade and meat fork, great for filleting meat or fish.

3) Carving Knife with Bonesaw: has 2 blades and is very robust, it even cuts frozen goods very easily!

4) 6 Premium Knives: are universal Knifes that can be used for many purposes! They are indispensable for cutting and spreading your bread roll, try it and you will agree!

5) 3-pieces Garnishing Set: great for peeling and garnishing! The peeler is perfect to plane cheese too.

6) Herb-Scissors & Cleaning Comb: crush herbs in no time!



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