Nicer Dicer Magic Cube 12 pcs set large

Four working surfaces in one single compact device, plus Julietti accessory.

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Product code: ΝΑΙΣΕΡ-ΜΚΛ
Weight: 1,87 kg

The Nicer Dicer Magic Cube combines four working surfaces in one single compact device. Preparing soups, salads and healthy tasty dishes in no time, is simply child's play!
The clever cutting system is like a cube and offers different cutting options on 4 sides, making new cuts with each spin. Grate or cut your ingredients effortlessly into: small and medium dices, sticks, Julienne, perfect spirals, Juliettis and slices.
Switching surfaces is easy - just choose a surface and turn the collecting container accordingly. Food falls directly into the container from each surface, just turn and add another ingredient.
The set is rounded off with the Nicer Julietti, ideal for making decorative spirals or fine Julienne out of cucumbers, carrots, radish, zucchini and much more.

Set content (12pcs.):
1 x Frame with fixed integrated slicer including protective cover
1 x Collecting container 1,4lt with drawer function
1 x Cutter top
1 x Pin block (small) including cleaning sieve
1 x Blade insert 6 x 6 mm / 12 x 12 mm, for the simultaneous cutting of different ingredients
1 x Coarse grating insert 17x6,5 cm, including protective cover
1 x Food holder
1 x Julienne grating insert 16,6x6 cm, including protective cover
1 x Fresh-keeping lid
1 x Frame for Nicer Julietti
1 x Spiral blade with smooth blade
1 x Spiral blade with Julietti blade
- Extremely sharp blades in proven G-NOX quality
- Firm stand on working surface
- Powerful and completely without electricity
- Compact and space-saving: vertically, it is smaller than a water bottle!
- Modern and stylish design
- Perfect for everyday use
- Easy cleaning



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